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Coaching & supervision

Continuity of knowledge, experience, practices, and strategies is vital for the sustainability of all fields and their respective goals and accomplishments.

RIZE Consultants offer in depth, collaborative, and interactive programs and sessions for group of prevention professionals seeking to become certified.

Are you an expert in prevention and have been certified for over 7 years?

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Equity In Action

Lunch & Learn 1-week discussion series

Cultural competency, health disparities, and health equity are familiar terms to prevention professionals. A focus on health equity allows communities to direct their prevention strategies towards the most vulnerable populations in the region they serve. In doing this, we contribute to the reduction in health disparities and support initiatives that create community and societal change.

This program serves to provide a rich action-oriented discussion to improve the capacity of the prevention workforce to acknowledge and address equity issues in the populations served. This has become of a topic of importance as the recent experience of the pandemic has created a shift in consciousness, thus allowing us an opportunity to discuss how far we still need to go to achieve true equity and inclusion within our communities. This learning experience offers an opportunity to explore our role in reducing health disparities and a discussion on actions we can take immediately to support improving equity for all.

Auxiliary Jedi Courses

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion can be discussed an practice in so many ways. RIZE and our partners offer different programs and services utilizing different innovative strategies. Check them out below!

Health literacy

Communication is at the core of everything we do! There isn’t one strategy that doesn’t include communication as the foundation. Yet for many of the communities we serve, understanding communication materials can be a challenge. This learning community will discuss health literacy and will provide strategies for ensuring that initiatives are communicated and implemented effectively. Remember, if your audience can’t understand your message, what is the point?

Note: this is a single-session workshop and should be used to complement a larger education plan.

Living Well

Job stress costs U.S. companies an estimated $300B annually through absenteeism, diminished productivity, employee turnover, and direct medical, legal, and insurance fees.

Unchecked stress & mental illness can lead to risky behavior, poor safety habits, and poor performance.

Investing in employee health and wellness saves money! Practicing yoga, mindfulness, and wellness education can restore health and prevent injury including relief from headaches, back strain, carpal tunnel, etc.

Note: this is an 8-hour course and is typically delivered over in 2hr increments over a course of 4 weeks.

Prevention Specialist Exam Study Guide

The Prevention Specialist Exam Study Guide helps readers understand the competencies and knowledge necessary to become a Prevention Specialist (PS) and adequately prepares prevention professionals to pass the Prevention Specialist certification exam. 

With this book, Nicole Augustine aims to close the gap in existing literature for the PS exam and enhance the prevention workforce so that society is better equipped to address current and future substance misuse challenges and improve long-term health outcomes for all. Divided into six domains, each module of this study guide contains a self-assessment, suggested readings, and a review of the information covered in the PS exam. A chapter covering the overall credentialing process and the additional requirement variations by state is included.

Substance prevention professionals around the world looking to become a credentialed professional will find this one-of-a-kind resource indispensable.

Nicole M. Augustine gained the Prevention Specialist credential in 2014 and has worked at every level of prevention practice – from providing prevention education to providing training and technical assistance to communities, states, and federal agencies. Nicole owns RIZE Consultants LLC, where her professional services include coaching professionals on how they can become certified too! She serves as an Advanced Implementation Specialist with the Opioid Response Network and a subject matter expert to the Prevention Technology Transfer Center network.